Our overall ambition is to radically improve our environmental and social impact, so that our company, customers and colleagues are able to thrive – now and into the future.

Driven by Hempel’s Futureproof framework, we have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 90% in scope 1 and scope 2 before 2026 and to halve them in scope 3 by 2030.*

We’re continually pushing more adventurous sustainability targets too, and that’s across the whole Crown business. Currently we’re focusing our efforts on where they can have the biggest impact. We began by improving our manufacturing operations and now we’re focusing on our products and packaging.

*Scope 1 refers to the emissions we produce in our own operations.
Scope 2 refers to the emissions produced from the energy we buy.
Scope 3 refers to the emissions produced by our customers and suppliers as a result of our partnerships.

our big ambitions…

carbon neutral

It includes our factories in Darwen and Hull, our offices and our network of Crown Decorating Centres in the UK and Ireland. Oh, and we’re aiming to have it in place by 2026.

zero waste
to landfill

To achieve this by 2026, we’re implementing a comprehensive approach to recycling and circularity across our operations.

planet first in
our thinking

Sustainability is now a key driver in all product development and innovation.


investment for carbon neutrality by 2026


renewable energy powered

Reuse & Recycle

We now have recycling centres at both our manufacturing sites

paint cans

recycled in 12 months through our Can Back scheme

1st UK
paint maker

with 100% recycled packaging

Inside Stories

Dawid Bowker

Managing Director of NIMTECH

A simple and effective way to recycle and reuse.

Ellis Mudd

Director of Manufacturing

A shining example of renewable energy.

Get Involved!

By working in partnership with our suppliers and our customers we can radically improve our environmental and social impact. Get in touch to find out more or to offer suggestions.